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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Has it really been two weeks since an update?!?

Well, we were frantic getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and Tracey, Clay and Garrett's visit. But thanks to Jeni's hard work the house looked great and everything was in its place for their visit. We had a great visit, and Garrett is just the sweetest little 2-1/2 year old. We were missing him before their flight left Sunday.

For Thanksgiving, Jeni and Clay planned the menu for weeks ahead of time. This is what it ended up as ... yum!

Thanksgiving's spread

We spent Friday shopping and napping and eating leftover turkey and ham and homemade rolls and other goodness (recipes, I'm sure, to come on Kitchen Sherpa). Saturday, we headed down to Edventure, our local children's museum. Garrett had a blast (and we did too). I think his favorites were the World of Work with the firetruck you could climb in and the scaled down bulldozer that you could drive around, and the water area with a pump that shot water into the air. We also liked seeing the World's Largest Rubber Band Ball (as opposed to the World's Largest Rubber Ball Band, which is what I kept saying, and bring very funny images of people bouncing balls off objects to make sounds to mind).

Garrett with the world's largest rubber band ball (2001)

Garrett even had a try at photography. He got ahold of Tracey's camera and, once he learned how to look through the viewfinder, actually took some good pictures, like this one of Jeni and Tracey. I think he may have found his calling.

Pictures by Garrett :Tracey and Jeni



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