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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lessons from painting the kitchen

Without turning into This Not So Old House, here are some lessons from painting the kitchen:
1) If you leave the paint pan out, a cat will eventually put a paw in it.
2) Even if you close the air vent, air will still blow the drop cloth, and the cats will attack it.
3) A drop cloth with holes in it from being attacked by cats at some point stops serving its role as a drop cloth.
4) The key to spackling is sanding.
5) Power sanding works better than sanding with a sanding block.
6) Sanding makes lots of dust. I mean LOTS!
7) Allot time to clean up dust.
8) Know when to walk away from a spot you've just painted.
9) Don't look away when rolling or you will hit either the ceiling, the counter top or a cabinet.
That about covers it for now... until I start another project.


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