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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to make me crabby

If you want to make me crabby, put a letter in my box at work from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that says: This patient has exceeded the maximum allowable number of treatments for the service billed.

People and health cannot be notched into a series of ICD-9 numbers and told that you have to be better in this many visits. But this is a philosophical point, not a bottom line point, and as the government tightens its Medicare budget, health will take the hit which means your parents and grandparents (and at some point you) will be denied services you know you need because an algorhythm says you should heal before they start losing money on your health.

[I have a folder on my computer of letters to CMS and I changed the icon to a hampster running on a wheel because it's how I feel.]


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