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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rest in Peace Dr. Bhatti

Just before we left town, I received an email telling us that one of the dearest men we have ever known passed away. Dr. Bhatti was a professor at Palmer, and every first tri student has a Dr. Bhatti story. He, himself, was not a chiropractor, but he knew chiropractic, actually better than some chiropractors. Not only was he passionate about what he taught, he had a passion for life that was just amazing to watch. I would love to look out the window and see him come fly up Brady Street in his red Mustang convertible with his beautiful white hair just a flying.

I was lucky enough to have a relationship with him outside of school. His wife, Dr. Judy, her daughter, Elissa, and I were very close. Dr. Bhatti, "Ifty", and Judy would buy houses and renovate them. They bought a house less than a block from our house, and when we would see them there, we would stop by and say Hi. And no matter how busy Ifty was he would always have his beautiful smile on his face and give us a quick hello or pull up a seat and tell us come kind of crazy tale that he had a knack for telling. Dean and I would always leave there feeling just a little better than we did when went in.

One of the funniest stories Dr. Bhatti would tell us was how he had a friend who had dextrocardia (his heart was on the right side not the left). Well their "bar trick" was to bet people that his friend didn't have a heart. Of course everyone took the bet. So Dr. Bhatti would pull out his stethoscope, and he would let them listen to his heart, so they would know that it worked. Then he would place it on his friend's left side, and there was nothing. And people would think they have been tricked so they would listen to other people's hearts and then eventually pay up because there was no heart beat on the left side. Dr. Bhatti always joked that he made enough money doing that to buy a motorcycle.

I'm sure Dean will tell his favorite Dr. Bhatti story tomorrow. I know most of you didn't know Dr. Bhatti, but please remember to keep my dear friend Judy and their families in your thoughts and prayers. He will be missed by so many that he touched. Godspeed Dr. Bhatti....


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