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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Random websites

OK ... Jeni spent the day with Dr. Jones and Barbara's kids doing another cooking day (details later) and while they were finishing up, I was toying with Charlotte's iBook and she had a link that takes you to random websites. I found some funny ones.

First is from Method (the really cool soaps at Target) called ComeClean -- you make confessions and have your wrongs washed away or see other people's confessions (the kid's favorite: I forgot to wipe my butt).

Next is truly pointless, but a good math lesson: Prime Number Pooping Bear. The name speaks for itself.

The next is the Periodic Table, but the letters are supplied by photos of letters and when you click on one you get the picture and the backstory. Kind of interesting way to do a photo album.

Finally is a fun little game called Plastic Balls on the Plastic Martians website. This is similar to the old Breakout or DX Ball. Enjoy!


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