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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home from Jackson

We spent a nice Christmas in Jackson with Chris, Jackie and the kids. Don and Sue were down, too, and we had an opportunity to check out their new condo near Chris and Jackie that should be finished soon. Having teenagers around for Christmas sure does change the dynamic of the day, though. Aaron (soon to be 16) and Brittany (13) were both up to about 2:30-3 on Christmas eve talking on the cell phone or text messaging, so we had to drag them out of bed to open gifts -- and to top it, we had to take their phones away (texting more) so we could open our presents. Makes you miss comments like Trinity's Makenzie, who came downstairs, saw her gifts, and exclaimed "I must have been good this year!"

We'll post pictures later ... you won't believe how big the kids have grown! And Jeni has a funny Andrew story that she has to tell for it to be right.


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