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Friday, December 09, 2005


I drive past this cute house on my way to work. They have a tall brick wall that sort of blocks the view of most of the house, and in the wall, there are three columns -- two ends and a middle. At Halloween, they carved jack-o-lanterns and put one on top of each brick column. Needless to say, someone threw one of the jack-o-lanterns in the middle of the street and smashed it. But the others remained. And remained. And remained. And rotted. And shrunk. And I thought, "Huh, you'd think they'd scrape those off..."

Now, Christmas has come, and they have covered this wall with Christmas lights. And there, at the top of the wall -- two rotted pumpkins! You know they had to be up on a ladder. Come on, people! That's just bad.


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