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Monday, April 11, 2005

They hated to spread gossip

I came across this story and I found it very interesting for two reasons - 1. I remember these murders happening because I grew up in a town only 20 minutes away from where the murders took place and murder was so rare in our area it really took center stage; and 2. After I went away to college, I never once thought about this case again. But as with all small towns there is always some kind of personal drama in a big story like this one.** (ie: "You know the mayor in the story, well he's so and so's dad, and you know what ...yada yada yada") You get what I'm talking about if you are from a small town. Let the gossip fly!

I sent a friend of mine an Anne Taintor postcard that said "they hated to spread gossip." She too is from a very small town and understands the irony of the postcard. And I believe this is the card Tiffany gave Lisa on her 30th birthday. And the icing on the cake is this card. It could be used over and over. My friends are going to get sick of getting that card for every occasion.

**and even with the really small ones.


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