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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Challenge Walk MS

Jeni and I are participating in the Challenge Walk MS in Charleston March 1-3. This is a very important event for us. It is a fundraiser for MS research. Our friend Nikki was diagnosed with MS about seven years ago. We have been doing a 5k walk with her in Marietta, Ga, every year for the past four years. But this year we decided to do the Challenge Walk -- a 3-day, 50-mile walk. It is 20 miles the first two days, and 10 miles the final day. But for us to participate, we need to raise $1500. It is a daunting goal, but I remain confident that it will happen. We are getting good support, but I still stress over reaching the goal. Dr. Jones is matching the donations I get from my patients, which will help. But every bit helps. Please consider chipping in a little here. Thank you for your support. Jeni and I continue to walk and walk as we prepare. I'm getting very excited!



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