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Monday, January 22, 2007

The crib saga pictures

You really do need the pictures to truly appreciate the before and after of the crib...

This, obviously, is the model crib. I guess if Lisa and Brian could have found a bottom for it, it might have worked for about a month. You'd be sure the baby wouldn't be rolling around much.

Here's the finished product. You can see a drastic improvement. Didn't Brian do good with his first paint job? The green looks great in the room. And OCDean hung the wall hangings all even and spaced right and level. (I have a problem.)

This is the other side of the nursery. At the bottom is the changing table, which went together surprisingly well (although I had my fears when, as I pulled out the lettered pieces, I saw they went from A to Z) and the dresser that we were trying to match from the beginning (it's all the dresser's fault!). The little shelves on the wall are very cute, and I think the lamp on the dresser adds a nice touch, too. Now they just need to add a baby, and I'd say that room's done.

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