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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Nanny

Happy Birthday Nanny! My grandmother's birthday was Friday, June 2 and somehow her age has frozen in time somewhere in the 80s. Every time I think I know how old she is, I forget, re-remember, confuse myself and forget again. But her age doesn't matter, her resilience does. She made the decision in the last year and a half to enter an independent living facility and I can never reach her on the phone because she's always out and about, either working in the gift shop, playing pinochle or exercising (yes, she does jazzercise and tai chi, which is more exercise than I've done in the last four years!) ... A few visits ago, Jeni and I snagged a handful of old photos and made photocopies (reprints were not as affordable as they are now, unfortunately). This is of Dad with Nanny and Pop. I just think this is such a great picture. Anyway, Happy Birthday Nanny, we love you. Posted by Picasa


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