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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back from the beach

Jeni's back from a few days at the beach with Tiff. I'm not sure who's happier to have her back, me or the cats. I know they like me, but you can really tell they like having her around.

Oh... another electrical storm. We have been having crazy lightning around here lately, but really nothing much more with it. Our friend Chris was in Afghanistan in 2002 with the reserves, and the Afghanis thought we could control the weather. With the weird weather patterns we seem to get, and Fort Jackson here ... well, let's just say it sometimes crosses your mind. Guess I should shut this down just in case.

Had a seminar I went to this weekend in town. I'll try to touch on the evils of the insurance industry later.

And little sis in off at college. I'll be expecting good stories on her blog soon!


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