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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gracie's Party Invitation

My best friend's little girl, Gracie, is turning one in a couple of weeks. She loves Connie the Cow. Lisa and I tried to find some Connie birthday supplies, but we were unsuccessful. Then we decided we could do a "barnyard" theme and focus on the cow. I just happened to go to Target that same night, and low and behold at the "dollar spot" were these barnyard party supplies. Dean and I picked them up, and now the party is ready to go. If you haven't seen the dollar spot at Target, it's pretty neat. There are tons of little nicnacs for, you guessed it, a dollar. We were able to get 2 pkgs of invitations (12 per pack), 5 packs of napkins (20 per pack), and 5 packs of cups (10 per pack) for $12. Not bad. Now only things left are plates and decorations (balloons, streamers, etc). Posted by Hello


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