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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ghost Cat

This is my other really short story. Again, not a winner, but a fun, quick read. There's a challenge to write something this short, and still feel like you've told an actual story that conveys a feeling, moment or emotion.

Ghost Cat
I have a pet cat. I know this to be true even though, honestly, I haven't seen it for several years. But the evidence is there -- I refill food bowls and empty litter boxes. Occasionally, I awake and there is an unexplained warmth behind the crook of my knees. But there is no visible proof. My wife gave it a cute name -- Snowball. I thought Phantom was more fitting. She got angry with me over that, telling me that was a mean name for such a nice cat. So we compromised and she let's me call it Casper after the Friendly Ghost.

Once, I was sick and had to stay home from work. I fell asleep on the couch and dreamt of something heavy yet soft on my chest, humming and vibrating the illness out of my lungs. When I awoke, I was warm and I could feel my head starting to clear. The congestion loosened in my chest.

I still cannot say I've seen our cat in many years (and sometimes I still question his existence) but in the rare mornings when I awake and the covers are warm against me, a feeling of calm comes over me and I can't help but smile knowing he's watching out for us.


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