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Monday, October 04, 2004


Following my unintentional movie theme here ... I have a few lists of movies:

My top five "honest" movies: (movies where everything isn't always neat at the end, but says something real, or is a real reflection of life/thoughts)
High Fidelity (which got me on the top five kick ... I started with three)
Beautiful Girls
Chasing Amy
St. Elmo's Fire (ok ... this one does wrap up pretty neatly, but overall it fits)
Breakfast Club (ok ... another neat ending, but come on, it's John Hughes)

Top five movies that are always on tv, but I still have to stop and watch:
10 Things I Hate About You
Groundhog's Day
Usual Suspects
Tie - True Lies/Silence of the Lambs (for Jeni)

Top five movies in my video collection I couldn't part with:
Empire Records
The Rock
Con Air
Silence of the Lambs
(The last three are among Jeni's favorites to watch on a lazy afternoon ... you may notice the absence of the Star Wars Trilogy and the High School Reunion Collection: Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Breakfast Club ... I also have a small collection of John Cusack movies and other John Hughes greats ... these transcend lists of this nature and are therefore excluded as they would devalue the making of a list)

Of course, there are always others that I could add, and I'm sure on tomorrow's drive to work, I'll think of movies I forgot, much like I thought of these today on my way to work. But that's the beauty; I can always type another list.


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