serendipitous reflections

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Another year?!?

OK, that title is a copy of the one from two posts ago for a reason ... I can't believe I've slacked on blogging so much. Unfortunately, when I start to blog lately negativity starts to flow from my fingertips to the keys and I don't want to leave that as a mark on the blog. There's plenty of that around that I don't need to contribute to it.

I am determined to try to change my routine some, including reading more (I'm in the midst of Norse Mythology right now but struggling with the lack of vowels in these names), exercising more (I've been doing 10 pushups a day for a week now. I know -- it's not a lot, but it is more than I have been doing), more juggling, and more creating (I really want to draw more, and I have four stories percolating in my head that I really would like to see come to life). If I don't break the current cycle then the negativity will just continue (I started to mis-type that as nagativity which I like because it just nags away at you).

On the plus side, Jeni recently signed up for the Bike MS New Bern event, and I'll be signing up soon, so we have a goal to work toward. I'd love to get another 75 or 100-mile ride in, but 50 would be great too. And kayak weather will be here soon. I need to strengthen my low back some. I injured it in a fall off of a scissor lift last spring and I know I need to work at keeping it strong and stable so I can work it with the kayak. (It spasmed on me last summer at the beach after overdoing it in the kayak at the beach and I don't want that to happen again.)

There will be more blog posts. I'm determined to get this going again. And I plan on ghostwriting Jeni's kitchen blog for her.