serendipitous reflections

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making progress

Jeni and I have found some motivation somewhere and have been going to the gym consistently, eating at home more, and overall being more conscious of what we take in. It is amazing when you start looking at the nutritional guides for restaurants. It's no wonder we're overweight as a society. I'm very proud of both of us. Jeni and I each have lost some weigh. Jeni's going to have to buy some new clothes soon if this keeps up. And I am nearing a goal I set for myself a while back, but wasn't really getting close to until recently. We'll be back at the gym tonight. Anything Goes is getting ready to open at Workshop and although Jeni isn't producing this one, it is still taking some of her time and will probably serve as a bit of a distraction from the gym for a few days. But we're doing better than we were a month ago, and that's all you can ask for. So ::pat pat:: on our backs.