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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OK, I was too positive about Maytag too quickly

We are on our third Maytag dryer. The first one, the selector dial didn't turn right, so they sent out a new dryer. The second dryer the delivery guys scratched the door, which we didn't notice until we did the first load of laundry and the interior light refracted off of the scratches. So I called, they were very quick to respond, but with the wrong response. They sent over a repairman who was going to have to half-dismantle the dryer to fix it. Unacceptable. So Jeni spent six hours on the phone to get them to send us a new dryer. Apparently Maytag allows you 48 hours to discover any problem with the appliance. Well, we got the third dryer delivered on Saturday. We've been busy with the theatre and Cinderella getting ready to open so I didn't get to do any laundry until last night (60 hours post delivery) only to find out that the dryer runs for two minutes, then trips our breaker. So the runaround begins again. Jeni has already given me a head's up that "Sears Dean" might have to come out because I don't want to have a repair on a brand new dryer that has yet to even run its first cycle. They can bring us a properly functioning, non-battered dryer, or they can take this one back and I'll drive across their parking lot to the appliance store and buy it from them. This is just getting ridiculous. And the sad thing is if I had bought some piece of junk, no frills dryer it would probably be working fine. Frustrating.

(I thought I could link to Sears Dean, but basically when we moved into our house in 2006 we ended up with three refrigerators on our Sears card because they wouldn't credit the card back until the refused fridge made it back to their warehouse (first one was too big, they dented the second fridge bringing it into the house). I basically had to have it out with the appliance manager in the middle of Sears to get a third refrigerator. I just hate feeling taken advantage of and that's what they do because it doesn't affect their daily routine one bit.)

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