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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying to get (Wii) fit again

Back in the spring Jeni and I were very good with exercise and we both could really tell. With the demands of the summer and the play, we really fell off the wagon -- Coke, late take-out meals, no exercise at all.

Well, last night I got back on the Wii Fit for about 20 minutes. I had recently eaten dinner followed by some Bruester's Ice Cream (really healthy dinner, but still not fully back on the wagon), so I wasn't surprised that my weight was higher than I had hoped. Back in August I had hopes of being in the 180s by my birthday. 189.9 would have been great. Well, I'm not there because I did nothing to get me there. I'm actually inching the wrong way. So I reset my Wii Fit goal to be 189 by the end of October. It's do-able, especially because last night was a false high. If I weigh today it will be down and make me look good.

I did some serious be-at-the-gym-at-5-am exercising back in 2002 with my friend Matt when we were still in Iowa. I really liked how that felt (getting fit, not the 5 am). But this is the first time that I've ever felt like I needed to watch the scale. I feel for the other scale watchers out there -- it's not fun at all.

So hopefully I'll have a good update after I weigh in tonight. We're going to a preview house of a play at USC tonight, but I'll try to at least weigh in just to be sure that last night was a false high.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Bee!

Jeni produced The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Workshop Theatre. It closed this last weekend. It was a fun play, and a good -- if not exhausting -- experience. She's also producing the next show, A Few Good Men, although I think this one will be less demanding on her. Saturday was a late night, with an after party following the show, and breaking down all the lobby decorations. When we got home I stayed up too late (so late it became early) watching the UT-UAB game. After staying up so late, it's a good thing UT won. It rained on Sunday, so instead of doing the much-needed yard work, we were able to be lazy, lounge in bed with the windows open watching TV with the cats. Nice to have a day to recharge.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Not letting people's negativity affect me -- instead, I'm looking at pictures of kittens!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No August update?

I guess I missed doing an August update. This is a result of two things: not much happening, and too much happening. Our routine remains pretty much the same: work, theatre, home, repeat. It's hard to give exciting updates when there is so much of the same.

But the "too much happening" is happening around the theatre. (Yes, spell check, theatre is a correct spelling -- you can stop underlining it.) Jeni is producing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Workshop Theatre. This involved a whole lot, including getting the cast and crew organized and all on the same page, handling publicity, decorating the lobby (I'll try to get some pictures -- we turned it into a middle school hallway), and much much more. Imagine the stress of the holidays and increase it exponentially. This has disrupted any attempt at a good diet, straight house, well-maintained yard, and decent bedtime. (Who am I kidding, even when the play isn't going on we still don't have a decent bedtime -- always something to do and not enough time.) Producing is very rewarding for Jeni, but when it hits crunch time it definitely takes its toll.

The show has had a good run. Tonight I get to go on stage as a walk-on speller. This is my second time spelling with an audience. Last time I misspelled "atheist." Although I would have sworn I spelled it right (at least in my head), the letters didn't come out in the right order.

Yesterday was my birthday. We had a little party last Friday following a late night fundraiser at the theatre. In conjunction with the spelling bee musical, we decided to have an adult spelling bee -- "Spell Dirty to Me." Since the actual play is middle schoolers (adults playing middle schoolers), we decided to flip the coin and have them in racy outfits spelling dirty words (OK, mostly words that sound dirty -- like titillate or waylaid -- only with sentences that make sure they are dirty). It was VERY funny and very successful, and people were asking when we were doing it again -- sorry one night only.

So afterward we had a little birthday get-together with cake and snacks and whatnot. Yesterday on my actual birthday Jeni and I went to Blue Marlin for dinner. We were there late in the night because Jeni had a play selection meeting for the theatre. Going to a restaurant late during the week almost insures lackluster service. Buddy Holly wasn't much of a waiter, demonstrated by when we had to get the hostess to get him so we could get a refill of our drinks: "Sorry I was talking to some people outside. They were telling me how I looked like Tobey Maguire." (Sorry, Buddy, you don't look like Tobey Maguire at all.) The food was good though.

The play ends on Saturday. Jeni is also producing the next show, A Few Good Men. I don't think she'll over-commit to that one as much. With the show wrapping up, we are going to get back on track. Back in the spring, when we were gearing up for the Walk MS 5K in Marietta, we were walking almost every day and dedicating a lot of time to the Wii Fit. We both could really tell the difference. Recently, with the stress of the show, we have fallen off the wagon seriously -- drinking Coke, eating junk, not exercising. So starting Sunday we are back at it. With that said, I plan on keeping a log on the blog of our exercise. I know the Wii tells me when and how much I've been doing, but maybe if I put it here too then it will keep me more accountable. We'll see. Maybe I'll keep up with the updates, if it helps. Maybe I'll lose track again -- but hopefully not. But at least Sunday you should see something.

Until then ... I guess I need to get all the sweets and junk in my system before I start having to be good.