serendipitous reflections

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No October update?!?

Has it really been almost a month since our last blog update? I can't believe it! All those "micro" updates on Facebook have stolen my attention from this instead. But I'm going to make a better effort. The blog is a better journal of what has happened in our lives.

We're about to head out on a rainy Saturday morning to hunt for props for the show Jeni is producing -- Same Time, Next Year. It's a two-man show and is coming together nicely.

We went to Boo at the Zoo last weekend with Lisa, Brian, Gracie and Clara Ann. Gracie was the perfect age for the event, and it was so much fun. She trick-or-treated around the zoo, we roasted marshmallows, and the girls got to pet a rat and a hissing cockroach (of Madagascar).

It feels like we've been running in so many directions lately. We hardly even settle down at home before I feel like we're getting ready to go do something else. I'd love a week off just to take care of all the home projects I feel are being neglected. But then I'd want a week to recover from all of that...

Last week was my worst week of exercising since I started on the treadmill. I only walked on the treadmill once, on Monday. Overslept the other days, although I did some push-ups and sit-ups one morning since I didn't have time for the treadmill but wanted to do something. Start fresh next week I guess.

OK, sounds like I'm just rambling now ... off to the rain and the Great Prop Hunt!