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Thursday, June 30, 2005


We were lucky enough to get to visit with some of Palmer friends while we were in Atlanta this past weekend. Rick and Hannah live in Evansville, IN, and were down in Atlanta for a seminar. We met up with them for dinner at Spondivits. It's a local seafood restaurant that Tiffany recommended. (well done Tiff!) It was so much fun and the food was wonderful. The snow crab legs were delicious. If you are out by the airport, you must stop in for dinner.

We enjoyed our visit so much with Rick and Hannah. We laughed until we were crying, mostly at us trying to crack the crablegs. (Most notably the crab on my eyebrow and on my glasses.) It was so sad having to say good-bye. My heart was heavy when we had to leave. We miss those guys so much. Posted by Hello


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