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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Herbie the Love Passat

Herbie the Love Passat is the new name for our car. It does some of the coolest things. You can set the seat positions to the driver and to that driver's remote. So when you unlock the door with your remote, the seat automatically moves to your position. Also the A/C is sort of like a heat pump because is automatically controls the temperature. If you have the temp set at 70, and the temp inside the car goes up, the A/C fan goes to auto and cools the car to the set temp. And the coolest feature goes to the window wipers. If the wipers are set to intermittent low, they automatically speed up with the amount of rain. So you don't have to turn them up or down when the rain changes, the car does it for you. Pretty cool, huh? Posted by Hello


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