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Sunday, April 03, 2005

A flat and ink refills

We spent an eternity at Sam's Club Saturday while I had a flat tire repaired/replaced. My rear passenger tire on the Honda had gone flat, which, not being a mechanic (or having much mechanical know-how), I supposed could be patched or plugged. So we went to Sam's where I thought we had bought the tires. Without any question, the girl at the desk takes my info and says "We'll call you." Well to keep this brief and not as frustrating to you as it was to me ... three hours later, three conversations with a manager, and some harsh tones and we finally rolled out of there with a new tire on my car. It appears that they were short staffed, and since, as the mechanic said, "It's just a flat tire," we didn't rank very high, it was two hours before the tire was even assessed to know that the tire needed to be replaced. Poor management in that section, no doubt. They did refund the $9 installation fee for our trouble, which is only $9, but it's the principle.

While we waited, though, we came across the ink refill kits that are compatible with our printer. The cartridges for our printer don't last long, are getting more expensive and harder to find, so this was a score. Jeni refilled them last night (a little trial and error), and they're working real good.


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