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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bad drivers

I have seen so many bad drivers lately that it frustrates me. We seem to have police patrolling or monitoring at the wrong times. I pass about three school zones on my way to work. One day a few weeks ago, there was a police officer monitoring traffic. I have been very conscious to go 25 where the normal speed is 40, but as I go 25, I am passed on the right in the merge lane (twice this week) and cars zip past me all the time. My issue is that if this is worth patrolling one day, isn't it worth patrolling every day? This is a school zone and our children's safety should always be a priority, not a random check. I also saw two cars make U-turns in the middle of intersections, one almost causing a three car collision (him, the car in front of me, and me, if the latter two had not been paying attention) and yet you know these people are oblivious to the danger they pose.


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